Hi Everyone! I just started this Blog. Its been a big trial and did not what i was taking on to be honest. Its a lot harder then it looks. I am only good with software not how the website is created which is called the back end. I force myself out of the warmth of my bed and go to my local coffee shop and work on this for at least 4-5 hrs. Yeah, I know!

All my family was in Florida for the Christmas holidays. I did make a conscious choice not to go for many reasons. After they left my deepest depression and severe anxiety set in. I ended up calling the EMS twice and spending the night at one of our hospitals. It was terrifying not to understand what the hell was happening to me!!! They took me to CamH, which is a psych ward, that didn't make me feel anymore "Crazy" lol. I was told I needed to do CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) Essentially, this means "Get your ass up and go do Shit" So this is what I have been doing creating a routine. Its kept me in better spirits and makes me feel that I "actually" accomplished something. This is why i created this website www.mysoulwithadisorder.com and community Facebook page.


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    Steve K

    Hi...You know my name, but my name! My site may change however I will still have the same link. I encourage you to share your stories and struggles, because I know what it is like!


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