Your not Alone!!!


Hi my name is Steve! I created this blog for people to share their Disorders. I know how alone my Epilepsy makes me feel, isolated, afraid, anxious and depressed. I really encourage you even at home to participate in our journey. You will find many links to sites catered to disorders. If you ever feel alone I will get back to you. I actually have an author to thank for this idea. They have a lot of mental illness , but she copes though many people relating with them over social media. I hope to be able to make a difference to how you feel!  

My Facebook page is just another way to follow me. I do post some inspiration quotes, but it's more of a personal page. I don't think it really matters, because you can still contact me! 


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    Steve K

    Hi...You know my name, but my name! My site may change however I will still have the same link. I encourage you to share your stories and struggles, because I know what it is like!


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