Valentines day                                                         2/14/17

Sorry for the late post, I was going to post it on Valentines Day

  As you can tell by the date was Valentines Day. People make such a big fucking deal about it!!! The people with others feel compelled to do something, well some do. The people with no one who create their anniversary or whatever on this day its shitty. My friend’s anniversary is today. It’s a smart thing to do if you have a poor memory, however like every year it still comes around till your dead. My sister is with someone and she loves holidays but doesn’t see a big deal and frankly at the end of it I don’t either. You can make your own valentines day any day and it’s a shitty reminder for people.

I can’t figure something witting to say. Well I did just realize it was Valentines Day sitting here. I throw up my fist with a middle finger in the air to this day. Essentially it only benefits the restaurants, movie theatres and other places you literally can visit 365 days minus holidays.

Enough of that, its just another day! In the scheme of this like any holiday that involves another day to justify to get make a fool of yourself by putting mustard and ketchup on you Ding a ling thing. Well I guess it would be something else! Guys you know what I mean.

Take New Years, Yeah so we have been though another 365 days, what’s there to celebrate about that. It literally means that everything and everyone is that much older? What my actual point is, it’s just an excuse to get shit faced. DUH you can do that any day of the week! No ones giving you permission. It’s a little different when you’re under age. Once you’re of age it really is just another day.



05/07/2017 10:22pm

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05/09/2017 11:12am

Sorry about getting back to you so late I have been working on my book! If you are interested it takes time to build it up right but it helps to know your not the only one that struggles

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