I realize that I am behind on blogging. I have been focused on my book and neglected my site for a while, my apologies. I have had a rough couple weeks. I have now bailed on 3 Meet-ups! One was tomorrow about shyness and anxiety. However my sister invited me to her place tomorrow. Family comes first for me and there always be another meet-up. So I did do this conscientiously. My parents are away, but none of us are religious, well my mom to a point. Either way Easter is just about chocolate now. I think if Jesus he would start another plague!
I know some disagree with some my believe theories, but remember I have nothing against yours. As I always say, what helps you cope with day to day pressures, obstacles and life is yours and I have mine. I am not famous and here in lies my issue with blogging. I get discouraged when no one writes anything. I have provided all the reputable links, but if I was well known I would have people responding so I may as well be writing for my book then anything else. This didn't turn out the way I had hoped. Sorry, it is life probably telling me something. But when I publish my book, then I will have the money and fans to create a real blog. Signing off for now


05/21/2017 2:25pm

You should take your time and never rush things. Don't worry as you'll get to achieve your dream in the future. You have to keep faith in yourself and be dedicated in your work. Nothing can come out, if you try to give up too easily. Always keep in mind to move forward and face all challenges up ahead.

05/21/2017 2:33pm

Thank you for having faith, it is much appreciated! It's hard for me to focus on 2 things at once, but these things I am passionate about! So as I write I try to remember to add some of it to my blog. I do have recent content which I really should add!

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    Steve K

    Hi...You know my name, but my name! My site may change however I will still have the same link. I encourage you to share your stories and struggles, because I know what it is like!


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