I survived 2017 Easter weekend. Normally I fucking hate these holidays. Not because they are about family, but in my case lack thereof my family.. I had easter dinner with my Nuffie neighbors and ALL their family. My neighbors are incredibly generous and down right great people.

It was a little awkward, but I did my best.

It made me see to see ALL of them and remembering the times we had those days where we all got together. It’s sad, everyone just has completely given up. No effort put into arranging any dinners. I can understand in some ways, but shit hit the fan years ago. None of our family, besides my sister gives a shit. I actually do, after seeing my neighbors family and friends. The only family we have is each other, but we have ended up adopting my brother in-laws family.


05/07/2017 3:08pm

I understand your feelings and sentiments. I actually have some of the same feeling as you. I don't feel comfortable being in these family occasions. I lack the capabilities to socialize and interact with my relatives. I'm not just the type of person to spend some time with loved ones. I'd rather spend the day alone, with my dog and at home.

05/09/2017 11:19am

I just lack a big family and it family is difficult I understand where you are coming from and I feel like doing the same

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