My Boat Accident 


2017 My Boat Accident  

Anyone who has driven a boat knows that they are very different from a car. You don’t have lanes you have to stay in. Not even traffic. It is easy to slow down and doesn’t take one second to get into an accident like it does in a car. My parents decided to move to mainland. You can drive you car right to the front door of the cottage. To be honest I was actually relieved, because I would be the one hiking the heavy groceries and luggage from the car to the boat then from the boat up to the cottage

The couple that bought my parents cottage had three beautiful daughters. Since I knew the cottage inside and out, I decided I would go over and ask them if they ever needed any help with a hand with anything they could always ask. Well of course I had an ulterior motive. The way I see it is I take the opportune moment to talk to a girl(s). Since cottage life was new to all of them they were all there. We sat around had a beer and talked for an informal time. I got to meet all their girls. Two of the women were older then me at that time. I ended up with the youngest who was twenty-two. I was twenty-one at the time so we got along great well in the beginning then everything went sideways from there. She would always let me drive, because she was nervous to drive the boats. So I always drove the boat that was fine with me; I loved to drive them. One night I stayed at her parent’s cottage. Her dad was president of Toyota Credit. At that time it was the only non-unionized office and car manufacturer out there. They would travel two hours from the cottage to get to work (which is insane if you ask me) this meant getting up at five thirty an ungodly hour to take her to work. However I kept having these short periods of extreme grogginess. She kept asking me if I was ok. Thinking it was just the fact it was so early in the morning I said yes and continued to get ready. Since they were on an island I took her to the nearby marina where they moored at. Little did I know this would start a series of events that would leave many scars for years to come!

We got ready, with no description as to how naked we were and went to their boat (at this point we were clothed) and made the trip to the marina. I remember that it was so early in the morning that fog had not cleared on the lake and there was only the sound of far off birds greeting the morning with the dew still left on the leaves. I was still hazy and really disoriented. This is the point at which I asked myself if I actually fucked up!

It was if someone had mashed the seconds I was out together and until I was used to recognizing was as if nothing happened.



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