OK, this is seriously funny, in an ironic way! I was all set to go to my first "Meetup" tonight! Of course I was anxious, that is a given for me. I am in between medication changes and it isn't working out...The story of my life! This is the part of me that hates me and my limitations. I walk to have coffee, yes you are right I could have a seizure at any point!!! However this is a strange outing and a big crowd of people that do not no me from... a Stranger (I was hoping that something clever would come out) Anyway so another weekend by myself watching netflix Daredevil and Iron Fist. Fucking lame. This is my daily struggle to find friends, but then this Freak of mother natures creations decides "Nope, you are going to stay a loser for now"
I don't mean all of that, it's societal repression. I should have friends, I should go out, I should...WTF. right now I am depressed and angry I was born this way.

I don't know where I stand with reincarnation, but say I did. I probably shot someone or worse, because I didn't get much from this life so far, but wisdom about things that piss me off, like societal pressure, drinking and smoking! You name it.  So that's my feel good thoughts for the day. Your not alone, even if you feel like me binge watching netflix and drinking wine!!!


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