I loved having our west coast family here. My cousins from there are great and it would help to add to the lack of family. I don’t know if I was fortunate to never have any real vivid and emotional attachments to my grandparents or not. I was born just after everyone had either passed on or was going to die. I personally have never experienced someone I really cared about dying!

Anyway I am at a coffee shop, the one I hate! I don’t know how I do! I am sad right now. Most of the time I don’t want to face the reality of the ones I love dying.

In a season from Netflix, one of the characters says, Passing on is just a polite way to say someone is dead. I agree with it to a point. Passing on, is someone (or thing) is dead. I feel that to mention “isn’t that guy dead?” is a little disrespectful. I know it is a tad hypocritical considering I don’t have an ounce of “God” in me  



05/16/2017 3:33pm

It's very important to spend your time with your family. I know that for sure now.

05/16/2017 4:46pm

Yes, as annoying as my family can be, I hear terrible stories about other children were raised and I wonder how someone could be so cruel! I truly love my family!

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