The Invisible Disorder

Well I have come to realize that strangers, or even people I socialize on a daily basis at the coffee shop don’t necessarily know what I deal with under my skin. I look as if I am “normal” (hate that word) wouldn’t necessarily know what to do if I was to have a seizure, because I have learned to hide the smaller ones and the bigger ones could catch them off guard and they may not know what to do. I get no real warning to when I will blank out and fall backwards. I find it always catches people off guard, oh and don’t try to “catch” me!

The store is obligated to call the EMS for liability reasons, as much I hate it I also understand, It just escalates my stress levels and embarrassment. I know, I shouldn’t be embarrassed, it’s hard not to be when I have ten people hovering over me then the EMS arrive and do their steps to make sure I am good. The positive side is that there is always one person, even if they don’t know why, they have this genuine caring personality that would help me even without having to understand what is going on!

This is the irony of my thought process.

This is has always been a struggle for me. I walk, talk and act as if I don’t have Epilepsy. Unless I have a seizure you would never know unless you knew me That is a little redundant, but it is true.


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