After the trial
So I am home in Toronto ON. and the medication is still fucking me up and so I stopped the trial to go on Topamax. As I mentioned it really screwed me up. This was back in October right before Halloween. The E.R was a really haunted house .My sister was the only family close in proximity to me.  I feel bad for my sister because I was totally out of it, but the E.R is not a place to visit on Halloween. It was scaring the shit out of me, let alone someone sober, like my sister. My sister handled the situation with grace, even though she was the only one to stay with me in the E.R.
She didn’t even take my nieces trick or treating my brother in law did. I feel grateful to have her in my life. I know I am repeating myself, but what the hell there will be content in my writing that I didn’t put in the other section.

In the E.R you have to let go of any dignity you have, because they don’t let you out of that bed for any reason. SOOOO you have to do all your bodily functions in front of everyone. I am sure they put something in your I.V bag to stone you. I don’t think I did mention it, but I disseize the E.R. It is the shittiest place to be, almost literally! I avoid going there at all costs. Anyway about two days later they took my to the neurology wing where I was put in the EMU, insert visual here (___________________)

I spent a week in the hospital being monitored for, probably the fifth time. I always go in there with a positive attitude, but it is the shittest ( I wish the stupid dictionary had swear words in it) experience. For those who have been in this situation knows exactly how it feels.

The worst type of seizure I have is when I fall backwards! So they labeled me as a fall hazard! So I had to call the nurse every time I wanted out of bed unless my family was there. Eventually I got so sick of holding my bodily functions I just got up. Yeah, I got in shit every time I did, but they never came in time.

It was really funny, because the night nurse was this tiny, but plump littlie Pilipino woman who probably couldn’t curl 15 pounds. Since I was on camera, they always knew when I got up, so they would call her. She would give me shit,

Honestly it was hard to take her seriously, because she was all of five foot four!

I was a little defiant that way, even they are responsible for my well being. They can be responsible for me if I do fall.

I was still really out of it though. My sister helped me sort my medication. I took whatever they gave me. Hell, it could have been vicotin and I wouldn’t have a clue. It might have been a good trip, but then again I have never taken it, honesty I had no clue what the fuck I was on. My sis saved me! She got a notebook and the pen that allows you to pick red, blue, green and black.

She called my Neurologist and nurse in Baltimore. I didn’t have a neurologist at Toronto Western hospital for at least ten years.

To be Continued


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