Ok, this is at the moment post! My anxiety level keeps rising. I have Ativan for this and when my seizures get out of control. However it only does so much, the rest is up to me!
I feel I have to write, because most of my anxiety stems from me feeling like I have accomplished nothing, even though I have! It is a complete paradox. I hate feeling this way because I don't want to move all I want to do is curl up in a little ball and waste away. And for the essay companies or any other psych companies that hit my site. Don't say I need help and you can go to hell, because I am getting help. The irony about anyone saying this just makes me feel worse!!! So I don't need your advice so don't bother to comment and just because its on the web doesn't justify you giving me your opinion. There is a ton of shit out there that is way bigger then my little blog!!! Sorry for commenting on this. Anyway back to my anxiety I know most of you feel the same in one way People have said shit that don't need too. Life is not easy, I always ask the question "Why me" and most of you probably do as well. I am just frustrated because it all is related to my Epilepsy and the cocktail of medication I am on. So this is your up to date anxiety report 


07/19/2017 7:57am

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