Hi and sorry to all that have found my site. I am in the middle of writing a book and have negated to address some of your input. It is difficult at times to put myself out in public, however I find that it helps quite a bit in the long run. My list of adventures, Not fun ones goes on for years. I did create this blog to help others understand that who ever suffers from any mental struggles can contact me. To be honest I have had a few very rough weeks. My birthday is coming up. I will be 38 years old and feel like a complete failure. I told my therapist this and we are going to revisit this she said. YEAH well I feel defeated and worthless right now. It is this reason why I say your not alone and this is the reason why I created this Epilepsy Blog, but its not just for individuals who suffer from Epilepsy that can relate. So I am very sorry for those who expected more from this and I hope that you revisit my blog. I have had a great deal of severe depression and anxiety lately and have had trouble bring myself to much more then write my book. Good health to all and I promise to do a better job. This is still new to me as well    


06/19/2017 4:39am

I feel bad for all of the people who neglected your blog. I know it is hard to be alone. No man is an island. That quotation might be cliche but it is true. Just learn to accept things you cannot change and change the things that you cannot accept. Life is that simple yet complicated.

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    Steve K

    Hi...You know my name, but my name! My site may change however I will still have the same link. I encourage you to share your stories and struggles, because I know what it is like!


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