Well, so much for getting my meds correct!!! I was supposed to be on one that was 100mg in the morning and 100mg at night. I paid a shit load of money for this medication. Anyway they are 25mg each. I was putting 5 in the morn and night. No, Math has never been my strong suit, but no wonder why I been feeling like shit. So I admit that I don't always pay attention even when I should be. You think I would have learned this by now. Hell my mom has done laundry all her life and still messes up :) Anyway we all fuck up and this is my point. No one is perfect, disorder or not. So if your messed up embrace it don't try to hide it. No one is perfect as much as they seem to be, we all have demons! Take care


06/29/2017 11:42pm

nice post!

06/29/2017 11:46pm

That's fine. We are humans. We commit mistakes. That is completely natural, don't blame yourself. You can always have a fresh start. There is no need to be angry at yourself okay? I also do not pay attention at times. My mind is always wondering that is why most people call me clumsy.

07/29/2017 1:16pm

Medication really requires a great deal of money and it is sometimes a nuisance when you are spending a lot of money. You have to pay attention to things so that won't hurt you. That is going to be beneficial to you so you have to do that. You have to learn that and you don't have a choice. No one is truly perfect and no matter what happens that is the reality that we have to face everyday in our lives. No, that's not right whenever we encounter messiness on our life we have to stop that and change it not embrace it. We really have that demons on us, but we can counterpart, it's because we have a sense of right and wrong, which is always there to remind us to make a choice it is whether you'll do good or bad.

08/13/2017 3:50pm

I hope you will be alright soon. I will pray for you. I support you, be sure about it.

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