I had a blood fasting test!!! Anyone that "NEEDS" medication knows just how shitty it is. I ate a banana and apple at six in the morning. My doctor took my blood as a non-fasting blood test!? I told him that I can't do a fasting bloyou od test, do the fact I "NEED" to take food with my medication! This is the ignorance of the individuals that don't need to worry about these things! All of you reading this epilepsy blog and struggles with your disorders understands these things. Anyway, will see what shows up in my blood without a fasting test. On top of that he was late and the clinic doesn't open till ten in the morning. For most people this is not a concern, just a hungry concern. Anyway that was my morning it totally fucked me for the day. On the bright side it was only the morning and I have dealt with much worse!

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