We all have our demons and the good in us. We have to ignore the lies our mind tells us. Build it up the negative so you can burn it to the ground with positive feelings. I understand the irony in the title, however it is human nature to feel guilt and negativity. It's simply easier than to convince yourself that everything will be good, ok or fine. This is not just a blog for people that struggle with Epilepsy, but many other disorders and struggles.
That time of the day I truly struggle through is about 2pm to 4pm. My medication has a big part to play, why? It is a time when my medication is wearing off before I take my night time medication. I have no ambition to do anything, but retail therapy! Amazon.ca, because I am in Canada. The U.S has so much more then us.

I finished Jenny Lawson's first book yesterday. It made me sad, but also she had a pretty screwed up life. What I am getting at is that I am just grateful I never had to experience the dysfunctional family she has. However I am blessed! I know some of you are probably "FUCK YOU I was never raised right and how dare you rub you privileged life in my face" Basically I was given a lifestyle where I was raised the best my parents knew how. 2017 I turned 37, but struggled with this fucking disorder. So we never had financial struggles, but anyone who has money knows it doesn't do fuck all for your emotions and mental struggles! I am smothered by my parents and sister, they constantly want me to check that I got home alright. I supposed it would be worse if it was the reverse. It is perspective, just look around at our world and the disrepair it is in. Murders, natural disasters and politicians greedy and don't give a shit about the state our plant is in, because they will be dead when we have "Armageddon" so to speak. So fuck it, you are entitled to your opinion ab  



06/13/2017 10:29am

I really agree with you. We should think about all the things that are happening around us. Before judging ourselves, we should ask ourselves if we live in a perfect world. Nothing is good in the world we live in. We should continue doing our daily lifestyle and ignore what others say.

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